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The Sonics

The Sonic

Burns have issued many Sonics including:
The Sonic
The Nu Sonic described in Trevor's pages but since discontinued
The Jet Sonic described in Trevor's pages but since discontinued
The Vista Sonic please see here for the little detail we have of this Burns Vista Sonic
There is also a mystery guitar which may be called a duosonic a dual sonic or may not even exist see later

Only the Sonic is still a current model and is in the Club Elite series and is detailed on Trevors pages as made in China, but I have seen reference to it being made in the UK on a 2014 model, given that I am told that at least 25% of all Burns are made in the UK and that the intention is for that to increase it is certainly possible that it is UK made but I have no evidence either way. They seem to be on sale for around £700 in December 2016

Specifications Sonic




Bolt on Canadian Maple


Blue with Black or Black with Black


Two Burns Trisonic


Burns Rez-o-tube trem Unit


Chrome finish


Indian Rosewood 21 low profile frets frets 43mm Nut compound


4 way switch 1 volume 1 tone




Compound 10" to 12""

Some Pictures

The Nu Sonic

Jet Sonic Detail from the Burns site

Update Sept 2017 a one off very special guitar
I have had an Email from a Burns enthusiast called Eddie. He bought a Burns Sonic Deluxe from PMT in Bristol around 2013. In fact the only Burns Sonic Deluxe Custom Elite Series serial number 0001. They had got it from a trade show along with a Green Marvin.
It has three trisonic pickups and five way switching.

Some Pictures kindly supplied by Eddie

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