SGs 1977

Yamaha SG700S and SG500B

A 700S

In 1997 Yamaha launched a new production run of 2 SGs the SG700S and SG500B. Two very different guitars. Production of these continued until around 2003.

SG700S SG500B
Body Mahogany Single Bound Mahogany Single Bound
Fretboard Rosewood Block Markers 350mm radius Rosewood dot markers 350mm radius
Neck Set Mahogany Bolt on Maple
Headstock Black large thistle logo unbound model on trc Black large thistle logo unbound blank trc model number on reverse
Tuners Yamaha Diecast Gold Yamaha Diecast Chrome
Pickups 2 Yamaha uncovered Alnico V Humbuckers 2 uncovered unspecified Humbuckers probably ceramic
Controls Amber spedial 2V 2T push push coil split 3 way Amber speedial 2V 2T no coil split 3 way next to controls
Hardware Gold Chrome
Bridge T-O-M with stoptail gold T-O-M with stoptail Chrome
Pickguard None None
Colours Brown Sunburst, Cherry Sunburst, Transluscent Greenburst or Black Cherry Sunburst Goldtop or Black
Made in Japan Taiwan


Very much an SG in the tradition of the SG2000 and others made in Japan and looking like it's predecessors


Not such a traditional SG having a bolt on neck, the 3 way near the controls and being made in Taiwan. Nevertheless this is a good looking quality guitar.

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