Yamaha SA 950

This is a very rare guitar indeed I have now found evidence of 3 of them.One on a Japanese blog with a picture that could be anything, it doesn't help that the 950 doesn't have the model name on the headstock, There was one on an Ebay sale SYJ1024 which sold for a $1099 in June 2013. More recently I came across SYJ1086 bought in 2010 by a then member of the Japanaxe forum. No pictures but stated to be Tobacco Sunburst. All evidence suggests that these were made for a very short time in 1992 if anyone has a 1992 Japanese catalogue that references them that would help. The Japanese blog via Google translate seems to suggest that there were only 91 of these made, but that could easily be a mistranslation of 1991. March 2016 there is a 950 in Red Sunburst for sale at around £650 on a Japanese auction site. Seller confirms limited numbers made in 1992.
Update January 2016
Found a little more information on these. They were released in November 1992 and do not appear in the 1992 or the 1993 Japanese catalogues. The release price was not surprisingly 95,000 yen.

Fret board Rosewood with Block inlays
Radius 13.75"
Body Not known
Neck Mahogany
Hardware Chrome
Pickups splittable
Colours Red Sunburst Tobacco Sunburst: and others
Weight 3.72 kgs

March 2023
I am currently updating all my SA pages and as I look at the SA950 I realise there is still very little info about. I came across an old Ebay Sale which gave these details.

This model is a limited production. Made in Japan
Year of Manufacture: 1992
Body: Flamed Laminated Maple
Neck: Mahogany set
Fingerboard: Ebony
Number of Frets: 22
Pickup: Bi-Sound System / Original / Passive
Pickup Configuration: HH
Control: 2 Volume, 2 Tone(Bi-Sound SW), 3-way switch
Body Color: Brown Sunburst
Inlay: (Fingerboard) Split Block
Other Functions: Coil Tap
Unfortunately no remaining pictures.

Some more pictures


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