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The FZ 1000

This guitar serial number 6N30056 sold for only £200 at Guitar Auctions in 2014. Note this serial number does not give the year of make.

Very much a work in progress all corrections and contributions welcome

Made in Japan sold in the domestic market, these are quite rare but not expensive guitars based on the Randy Rhoads style. With a Sharkfin theme including the perloid fret markers. As well as the one above which with commission would have cost the buyer £240, one sold on Ebay in 2015 for £320 in very poor condition and with some bits missing. One vintage guitar shop currently, sept 2016, has one for sale at £1,000 but they are dreaming. Daviedawg from the Yamaha forum tells me he read that these were originally intended for the US market but currency changes so skewed the price that they marketed them in Japan instead. Timing wise this makes sense, also models of this sort of shape such as the Quest Atak range were targeted at the US market from Japan.


October 1986




85,000 yen




Rosewood with white binding






2 plate 4 bolt on Maple


Black Finish


Rockin Magic Pro 11


SAH-1B x 2 Uncovered Black Bobbin pickups

Selector Switch

3 way


Black Speed Knobs 1 volume and 1 Tone



Those specs are from the Yamaha Archives kindly saved by someone selling one of these. Some additional information supplied by Daviedawg and Buzzard.The Archives didn't have the specs when I looked but I have known them to come and go so may comeback. Interestingly Daviedawg a very reliable member of the Yamaha forum dates his to July 1986. Un fortunately the only serial numbers I have seen are the one above 6N30056 and 6M27052 these are an 86 to 89 Yamaha series of numbers which don't specify the year just the month M = June N = July. So as so often with Yamahas the only reliable way to get the year would be from the pickups. They appear to have been made only in black or pearl white.

Some Pictures

The one on the left is 6M27052 and I believe the one on the right belongs to Peter (Buzzard)

Scan of the 1987 Japanese Catalogue

Daviedawgs guitar details of The Bolt on Neck and Fretboard.

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