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The MGS Standard and Custom

MGS Custom in Sparkling Red and an MGS Standard in Blue Sunburst

Just as Aska had his signature guitar the VG his partner Chage had his which was the MGS, not to be confused with the totally different MSG.
These guitars are officially known as Chage signature models.

As shown in the small pictures above there are two models the standard which came in Sparkling Red or Blue Sunburst and the Custom which was only available in Sparkling Red.

1995 catalogue scan

Some Specs

Standard Custom
Price 66,000 yen
Neck Bolt on Maple Bolt on Maple
Body Basswood solid Mahogany Semihollow
Fretboard Maple Maple
Radius 350mms 350mms
Scale 648mms 648mms
Frets 22 22
Hardware Gold Finish Gold Finish
Bridge TL-800 GTC 201
Pickups Live G56 AlnicoV and Live G57 Alnico V Live G56 AlnicoV and Live G57 Alnico V
Pickup Switch 3 way 3 way
Controls 1 volume 1 tone 1 volume 1 tone
Sparkling Red or Blue Sunburst Sparkling Red only

Some pictures of a Standard I have no pics of the Custom other than the small one above and the catalogue scan.


Dec 2018
I was lucky enough to spot a blue MGS Standard for sale on Ebay. It obviously pretty rare so perhaps few people knew what it was so I picked it up for £265. It is a beautiful guitar and plays excellently.

This one is mine

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