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Custom Orders

The first part of this page has arisen following a response to my TL52 page by JJLC from the telecaster forum.
There are also the 'order made' examples, some stamped ORDER MADE, and some were stamped ORDER. These typically had an upper case K stamped followed by a three digit number. Here is an example from my old TL56-90, sold to a buyer in Singapore. I have also seen similar ORDER, ORDER MADE, and K### stamped on TL52 examples.

Here is one stamped with both the ORDER MADE & ORDER stamps, a very rare STC-62, with a very rare rosewood 'board; not the typical maple 'board. Yep; it's sold. : I wish I still had this one.

Here is a very rare example, one of the first TL52-SPLKRs, as it has the CTL-50M stamp, and the 2 piece/center seam body is made with flat sawn Japanese sen, not Ash lumber. Notice the stamps & the pencil notations on the neck pocket & the neck heel. I wish I had this one back too

There are also some Fender Japan 52 reissue Teles with the Fender - Custom Edition - Fender Japan logo on the back of the head stock. Looks like this logo from my old 1994 ST54-150AS, sold to a buyer in Canada. I have also seen these logos on TL52 examples. It's basically the same as an Extrad but it looks & reads different.

Everything above this line is written by JJLC they are his pictures. Thank you.

I will be adding to this page at a later date

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