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My Burns Guitar Site

Welcome to my Guitar web pages

These pages started as a general miscellany and ramblings on some of my interests, over the last couple of years though it has become largely guitar related. Therefore it is now a completely guitar related resource. There is information on value, specifications and models of Fender Guitars and Yamaha Guitars. My Burns Guitar pages are on a separate site see my links pages or menu above.
I welcome E-mails on any guitar related matter, will do my best to help with any queries and also happy to receive any information opinions or corrections on the models I cover.


Updates are frequent but for ease I am now listing them on the home page as I go along. Please bear in mind that the price database on the guitar information pages is updated at least weekly and often more frequently than that.
23rd November 2016
Just returned from 6 weeks in Australia so catching up with the price database updates but should complete them over the course of this week
Updated the Squier CV pages with details of the Mary Kaye a model I didn't know existed until now.
Minor update to the SARR in the rare and unusual Yamahas page.
Minor update to the Aerodyne pages with a serial number mystery
24th November 2016
Added details of a stunning Telecaster Custom FSR to the Classic Vibe pages.
Amended the RTX 102 under rare Yamahas now includes it's sister guitar the RTL 102
3rd December 2016
My Burns Guitar pages are on a separate site here Burns Guitars
12th December 2016
Updated the Highway 1 and American Special fact sheet in guitar information section.
1st January 2017
Added The SHB 400 to the rare and unusual Yamahas
2nd January 2017
Added The SFX range to the rare and unusual Yamahas and updated the SAS page. Is the SAS a current model again?
7th January 2017
Started a section on the Yamaha ST and STH range if anyone has additional information please let me know.
11th January 2017
Added some pictures to the ST and STH section
17th January 2017
Discovered a previously unknown to me SA model the 1300W page added to SA Section. Added a small amount of extra info on the 950.
28th January 2017
Added new page on the Yamaha SuperR'nrollers
29th January 2017
Converted the Highway 1 and American Special Fact sheet into a web page and added lots of information.
15th February 2017
Converted Fender MIM factsheet to web page and added lots of information
17th February 2017
Lots of info from members of the Strat forum updates to MIM SSS Classic pages
18th February 2017
Added Roadworn Models to MIM SSS
25th February 2017
Update to Aerodyne Domestic Models
28th February 2017
Added the Yamaha SX range pages
3rd March 2017
All Deluxe Models now added to Mexican SSS and the Mexican SSS page has some minor updates.
6th March 2017
Added Vintage Player to MIM SSS pages and Included the SSC 500 in the rare and unusual Yamahas.
13th April 2017
Added a section on Yamaha Superjams or SJs
News April 2017
Per Gjorde author of Pearls and Crazy Diamonds in conjunction with Bill Lovegrove has written a new book the Jim Burns story it is available to pre-order here The Jim Burns Story
18th April 2017
Added another set of pictures to the Classic Vibe pages
24th April 2017
Added The Supercombinators or SCs pages first two series finished the third series to follow soon.
Third section now added
13th May 2017
Buzzard from the Yamaha forum has produced a great work on the AES range added to my site with his permission thanks Peter
10th June 2017
Added some SGV and EGV pages any details anyone can add would be appreciated
22nd June 2017
I have obtained a late 1988 American Yamaha catalogue, with lots more details of the SEs. The details of the 110, 112, 203, 211, 312, 812, 903A, 912A and the 1212A have all been updated and added to. There is a lot of work to do on the 600 range and I plan to rewrite the entire page soon.
23rd June 2017
The SE 600 page now rewritten and has much more information
26th June 2017
Added a section on the Yamaha MG guitars
10th August 2017
Discovered a Model of ST I haven't heard of before the ST 535RX I have updated the ST STH page with what I know if anyone knows anymore please let me know.
25th August 2017
Added Pages on the Yamaha RGZ any additional information or comments very welcome.
10th September 2017
Added Telecasters to the Aerodyne pages
6th October 2017
Added Japan Exclusive series to the Aerodyne pages
29th October 2017
Had some correspondence from Jay at Elite Vintage Guitars have added his great site to my links pages also made some minor additions and corrections to the AES pages.
December 2017
Major changes to What's it worth section, Yamaha Burns and Westone now have their own sheets and no longer updating PRS, Tokai or Guitar Auctions. All the old information is still available.
January 2018
Received some good information on the SA 1300w from JDZ see SA pages, thanks.
23rd March 2018
Just returned from 5 weeks in Australia so no updates for some time including the price database. I am now updating from the last 5 weeks sales but it will take a week or so.
27th March 2018
Price database now up to date some minor info added to SC pages.
Update 5th April 2018
Some FSRs added to Classic Vibes and to MIM SSS Classic series
25th April 2018
Some updates and additions to the MSG pages icluding a question about UK manufacture. More information from JDZ on the SA1300W added to the SA pages.
10th May 2018
Update to the YSG pages with more about the 125
15th May 2018
Added an FSR to Classic Players in the MIM SSS Strats
18th May 2018
Decided that some models should come out of the Rare and Unusual pages and have their own pages. So the Explorers and Flying Vs, The VGs and the YSGs now have their own indexed pages.
29th June 2018
Added some information to the SA 800 page